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The Shussaigama studio, with its kiln built in 1947 in Izumo, Shimane prefecture. Upon seeing its 13 artisans working together in rapt harmony, our shopkeeper KASHIYUKA said, “it’s wonderful to see the senior artisans passing the baton of their mastery to a younger generation, and ensuring the continuance of the craft.”
“Will delight reach the lips?”

Coffee cups born of this idea are said to still be made. Upon thinking about this I headed to Shussaigama Studio in Izumo, Shimane prefecture. Five young men from the local area joined together in 1947 to found this studio on the idea of using local clay to fashion pottery for everyday use. They were deeply influenced from the first by Japan’s Mingei art movement and its seminal theorist Sōetsu Yanagi and potter Kanjirō Kawai.
Purchase No. 37【Shussaigama Earthenware Cup】Beauty made to be held, a cup of gentle white hue to greet you in the morning.
“If there’s joy when it meets the lips, it’s easy to hold — in other words, if this ceramic vessel enhances your enjoyment of the coffee… That’s the value of such an implement. Back in the day we were taught that by the British ceramic artist Bernard Leach,” says Mr. Shin Tatano, Shussaigama’s director, as he shows me around. At this time, the studio has 13 artisans making things like coffee cups, Japanese-style tea cups, bowls, and so on. Each has their own wheel. Each crafter takes every piece from the beginning — kneading the clay, forming and lathing the shape, and glazing — to completion.