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Kokontozai: KASHIYUKA’s Shop of Japanese Arts and Crafts /[Chirori of Nagasaki Glass]

『カーサ ブルータス』2021年4月号より

Searching all of Japan for handcrafted items that express its heart and soul, our proprietor, KASHIYUKA, presents things that bring a bit of luxury to everyday life. On this encounter she finds an azure-colored glass vessel for sake in a revived craft style from the Edo era called Nagasaki Bidoro.

With Mr. Ayato Takeda, a second-generation artisan.
Orange-colored molten glass is blown to form. The part closest to the rod has tempered to an azure color.
A breathtaking moment occurs when the color of the glass changes. From the color of sunset to the color of grapes, and in an instant the deep lapis hue emerges. How stunning! I couldn’t contain my applause at this play of color that could only be witnessed in the moment!
"The color and shape change in a flash!" says shopkeeper KASHIYUKA.
He attaches a dab of red-hot molten glass to the body of the pot, then uses the scissors to grab and stretch it to form the spout.
Forming the spout he explains that he, “pictures the beautiful descending arc that sake takes when it is poured.” He attaches a fiery mound of molten glass onto the body of the pot, which is now deep azure, and gives it a single, seamless tug. In a mere second it becomes a long, thin, and beautiful arc, and changes to the pot’s lapis lazuli color. It’s like watching a live performance. The artisan will determine the limits of thinness he can bring the glass to and the overall size of the spout by continuously gauging the ever-changing color. And in that moment I grasp that the color and form of the work are created by a rhythm that is deep inside him.
The paperweight is another popular item.
“There are discoveries to be made in the things left to us by our forebears.” With these words from the younger and elder Takeda engraved in my heart, I decided on the purchase of Nagasaki Chirori. I can only imagine that the deep, rich lapis lazuli color is as beautiful on this day as it was 300 years ago.

Nagasaki Chirori by Rurian

Chirori, the teapot-style vessel made for cold sake in 18th century Nagasaki is here revitalized. The handle is woven of akebi vine. Nagasaki Chirori, ¥38,610. Set of vessel and two sake cups, ¥46,310. (Tax included.)●Rurian 5-11, Matsugae-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Telephone: 095-827-0737. Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed Tuesday. Hands-on glassblowing lessons are available.


Yuka Kashino, known as KASHIYUKA, is a member of the electro-pop group Perfume. They’re currently featured in the relaunch campaign for Levi’s® RED. Perfume Closet new collection for spring is available now. She always stores precious vessels on antique shelves she bought at "Pejite", vintage purveyor in Masuko. Website: http://www.perfume-web.jp