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Kokontozai: KASHIYUKA’s Shop of Japanese Arts and Crafts /[Maiwai Jacket]

『カーサ ブルータス』2020年10月号より

Searching all of Japan for handcrafted items that express its heart and soul, our proprietor, KASHIYUKA, presents things that bring a bit of luxury to everyday life. This outing’s discovery is maiwai-zome. Its lineage includes the colorful flags that olden fishing boats flew to announce their return with bounty. It’s a dye process celebratory in feeling, coming from the fishing town of Kamogawa in Chiba prefecture.

“What impact!” exclaimed shopkeeper KASHIYUKA.
A powerful maiwai-zome curtain.
“Actually, it’s said that during an early Edo-era governmental ban on showy, vividly-colored painting and kimono, the accomplished, out-of-work artists of the Kanō school, the dominant art movement of the time, moved from the bigger cities to the Bōsō area, and there began the practice of maiwai-zome,” said Riki.

Amazing! The dynamic appeal of Japanese painting transcended time and place to reconnect in another form that survives to this day.
KASHIYUKA remarks that, “it’s fantastic to have parent and child working in concert.”
The coloring is pigment mixed with a soybean-infused broth.
The tradition of handing out iwaigi celebratory jackets ended by the early twentieth century. But the Suzusome studio revivified the tradition of maiwai-zome by producing accessories such as tote bags, and by making the traditional costumes worn in annual festivals.
Color is applied over the lines of rice paste. The paste is subsequently washed away, and the underlying patterns emerge.
“These colors and patterns appear more powerful when people wear and move around in them,” says Kosuke Suzuki. “The excitement and pride that accompanies a prize catch is transmitted to all who see them.” The purchase, this time around, is a bold, exhilarating outfit that personifies joy. I’m just envisioning how cool it would be to do a twirl in a maiwai-zome garment like this.

Maiwai-zome by Kamogawa Maiwai Somemoto Suzusome

Right: Noren curtain in maiwai-zome. Approx. 75 cm x 110 cm. Left: Long jacket (iwaigi) with stenciled images of good fortune like the demigods Daikoku-sama and Ebisu-sama, crane and sea bream. The base is dyed in indigo. Made to order, from ¥40,000 yen each. /Kamogawa Maiwai Somemoto Suzusome 620-1, Yokosuka, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba. TEL 04 7092 1531.

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